Repairing ASUS K53E DC input power Jack

The ASUS K53E is a second generation I3 Laptop. It was brought into the shop for repairs. The problem was that when the power supply was plugged in the Charge light did not come on and the battery was not charging. The power supply was ruled out as the source of the problem.

Break in the primary connector

The problem was one of two things, either the DC input power jack unit was bad or it was a connection issue. What was required was to disable the ASUS and visually look at the power input jack.

After tearing apart the laptop and separating the motherboard from the chassis it was found that it was a connection problem and would require resoldering to remedy the problem.

The primary connector was resoldered and the laptop reassembled and the power supply was plugged in. The charge light was on and in about an hour and a half, the battery was fully charged.

Before reassembling the computer, while it was all apart the cooling system was cleaned and the CPU and heatsink were thermo pasted.

Fouled heat vents

The biggest cause for poor performance and unexpected shutdown is due to overheating. The primary cause of overheating is fouled cooling fins restricting the air flow from the laptops fan and old thermo paste.

Prior to the cleaning and replacing the thermo paste this laptop temperature was hovering around 70 c, after the cleaning and pasting, at idle the temperature was 30c and under load went up to 50 c.

Clean heat fins, no obstruction to restrict air flow

Laptops and Desktops should be cleaned and depending on the environment that they are exposed to they may need to be cleaned every year and thermo pasted once every three years.