Migrating from Windows to Ubuntu 14.04

By André Faust

The advantage of using an opens source operating like Ubuntu, Fedora and any other distributions is that it is free, unlike Windows which is costly depending on the version that you want. The other downside of Windows or Mac OS is and you haven’t created a recovery disk you may have to re-purchase your Windows or Mac.

At one time Computer vendors use to supply installation disks with the computer, so that in the event of a reinstallation you had all the necessary disk to get your computer up and running again, but that practice is now, for the most part, a thing of the past. Unfortunately, what some computer repair shops will do is install a pirated version to keep the cost of servicing the computer down.

If you don’t need to use some very specialised software and most of your computer activity is browsing the web, sending and receiving emails, using social media, or uploading pictures of your favourite cat, then a Linux distro such as Ubuntu or Fedora may be the way to go.

This tutorial migrating from Windows to Ubuntu is intended to those who wishes to make the switch to Ubuntu. The tutorial is divided into 10 sessions, each session talks about on aspect of the operating system.



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